Mandee Scalice

Living Her Dream...

Mandee Scalice's journey as a professional horsewoman has taken her to working for a childhood idol, Peter Wylde. 


Mandee Scalice is Peter's do-it-all girl, but her current primary title is horse show and barn manager. Mandee travels with Peter and his string of show horses on a near-weekly basis, making sure horses are tacked up and at the correct show rings. She also helps ride Peter's mounts, oversees his working students, grooms, drives the trailer and even cleans stalls when needed.

"She's the best," Peter says. "She does everything-grooms, rides, drives the trailer, cleans stalls, you name it. She does it all. She's a great role model for kids that want to work in this business." 


Raised in northern Pennsylvania, Mandee's Mother was also a rider, and her family owned a hotel business in the Poconos (Ps.) where there were always horses around. 

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Mandee learned to ride in the same environment. She wasn't exposed to the more serious horse show industry until she begain training with Irish show jumper Kevin Babington and experienced her first winter show circuit. "That's how I fell in love with this end of the sport," says Mandee, "We did it a little unorthodox until that point, and when I met Kevin randomly at a horse show, started riding with him and followed him to Florida the following winter. That's when I decided that this was what I wanted to do forever."


After graduating from high school, Mandee sought out to start her own business with the aim of supporting her passion for horses. After her mom retired from her longtime job as a school superintendent, the two decided to take the chance in 2006. Beginning their equine sales business, the two were determined to make it work. As they were getting into it, the economy fell and Mandee had a choice to make. During that same time, Peter announced in 2013 that he was returning to the United States after spending that last 12 years in Europe. With nothing to lose, Mandee looked up Peter's phone number and called him out of the blue.


Mandee began working with Peter part-time and showing her horse Anatolia 6. Gradually, the work became frequent and then Mandee joined Peter's team on a full-time basis. Since then Mandee has taken over the management of M&W and has become the beating heart of M&W.

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