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Beauty & efficiency

To train horses to the best of their ability, you need a facility that emulates and enhances your ambition.


  Here at M & W our facility supplies every aspect needed to care for, train, and teach, both you and your horse.


From the moment our horses wake until the second they fall asleep, they are enveloped in the ultimate care and luxury. That is because we believe in this simple saying... Care For the Best Because That's What the Best Deserves. 


Welcome to M&W.

Care & Service

At M&W we want our owners and riders to feel at home. That is why we go to such great lengths to include you in every facet of your horses develop and training.


Whether you watch from afar our join us daily, your experience will be second to none. 

Individualized Program

Each horse is different, why should their program be any different. When a new horse comes to M&W, our knowledgeable team sits down and develops an individualized program for the horse and rider. 

Gold Level Experience

The M&W Team has trained, worked with and developed some of the top horses in the world. We implement that experience in every horse in our care. So no matter what, your horse gets the Golden Treatment.

Care Unlike Any Other

There is a reason our horses have the longevity they do. That is due in large by the style of care we provide. From the top veterinary care in the country to salt therapy and conditioning, our horses compete at their peak.


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