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  • WEF 1: USEF AA

    Jan. 9

  • WEF 2: CSI 2*

    Jan. 16

  • WEF 3: CSI 3*

    Jan. 23

  • WEF 4: CSI 4*

    Jan. 30

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M&W Program

Equine Development

First and foremost the M & W program focuses on the development of the horse. Through diligent care and focused training, we seek to bring out the best in your horse. That means bringing them along at their pace, not ours. By taking our time in the developmental process, we can prolong the horses' career and increase the longevity of its' peak competition.


A few horses that have taken part in this program and have successfully prolonged the peak of their career are Feine Cara (Owned by Peter Wylde), Wild Card (Owned by Katie Tyler) and many more.

Personalized Program

Our main goal is the development of your personal riding style. By focusing on the basics and pairing you with the ideal horse, M & W can develop your riding style to meet any goal you may have. M&W specializes in Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation and achieving the pinnacle of each. Meaning, attaining any goal you may have.



International Show Jumping

Whether your goal is Florida or Geneva, at M&W our experience in show jumping goes well beyond the domestic borders of the United States. Peter, having spent 12 years living in Europe, has developed strong bonds and contacts with key individuals in Europe. 


From purchasing horses to arranging a show schedule that involves international venues, M&W can help you develop your plan and establish the best course of action.


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